Monarch Butterflies Reserve
February 19-20, 2014
February 24-25, 2014

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is an amazing journey of more than 2000 miles from Canada and United States. Each year a special generation of these extraordinary butterflies locate a place to winter in the highland pine forests of Michoacan and Estado de Mexico.

The Rosario Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The Sanctuary is located in Michoacan and is the perfect setting for visitors to experience not only the hundreds of thousands of butterflies that winter there, but also the breathtaking natural landscape of this region. Audubon de Mexico Eco Journeys invites you to join us for this excursion.

Audubon de Mexico Eco Journeys invites you to join us for this journey.

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7:00 am Leave St Paul’s Church (Cardo no. 6, Centro SMA)
12:00 pm Arrive at eco-resort and check in
1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Time for relaxing and enjoying the thermal mineral hot springs pools
4:30 pm Hiking around its trails and grounds
6:00 pm Cocktail time (drinks not included) & Monarch movie presentation
7 :00 pm Dinner
7:30 am Breakfast
8:45 am Check out
9:00 am Leave for the Rosario Monarch Biosphere Reserve
10:30 am Arrive at the reserve Hike to get to the butterfly colony or ride horse (horse not included*)
1:00 pm 2:00 pm Hike or ride horse downhill towards the bus Leave Sanctuary ~ A box lunch will be provided en route to San Miguel
6:00 pm Arrival in San Miguel de Allende
 Itinerary is subject to changes without prior notification    
 Hiking conditions    

Reaching the Monarch butterflies’ wintering area may involve up to an hour’s vertical hike depending on where they are located in the sanctuary. The sanctuary has paved trails with handrails and benches for resting. We begin at an elevation of 9,000 ft and could have to hike up to 11,000 feet depending on where the butterflies are located. Horses will be available for rent at the entrance to the sanctuary for those of you who may have difficulty hiking at elevation. The horse ride is difficult, and you must have enough strength to hold on to the saddle and keep your feet solidly placed in the stirrups. The horses are tame and are guided. If you wish to rent a horse, we can reserve one for you. There are limited numbers of horses, so please make sure you let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

Price of the horse: MXN $200 pesos round trip. If you decide to hike back down instead of riding your horse back you will still need to pay the full amount. You will pay the guide directly.

This excursion is not recommended for persons with health problems or those who have difficulty hiking, riding horses up or down steep mountain trails, have heart conditions or breathing issues. Most of our travelers have been able to either ride or hike the trail, however, we require that you fill out our questionnaire/Trip Form before we can accept your application to go on this adventure.
Our goal is for you to have a successful and positive experience. If you are 75 years old or older we will need to meet you in person to confirm your ability to successfully reach and return from the Monarch butterflies’ expected 2014 location.


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Trip cost    
  About single accommodation supplements
If you are traveling alone we will try our best to match you with another single traveler of the same gender. Otherwise we offer single accomodations for an extra fee.

  For Audubon members
$373 usd or $4500 mxn
Select number of travelers:
  For non members
$398 usd or $4800 mxn
Select number of travelers:
  Single accommodation supplement
$55 usd or $650 mxn
Select number of travelers:
To make a reservation or if you are interested in going on this trip, please contact us:

Colleen Besman 
+52 (415) 152-3644

Rodrigo Lopez
+52 (415) 100-2798
Included in cost
   - Private Mercedes Benz Van
El Rosario Reserve admission fee

** Single Accommodation Supplement
If you are traveling alone we will try our best to match you with another single traveler of the same gender. Otherwise we offer single accommodations for an extra fee.

Payment and cancellation policies

- Full payment is due by:

Trip date Payment due date
Feb 19-20, 2014 Jan 17, 2014
Feb 24-25, 2014 Jan 28, 2014

- Reservations will be confirmed once the full payment has been received.
- Due to the cancellation policies of our providers, we must retain 30% of your payment if you cancel your reservation.
- If you cancel less than 15 days prior to departure 100% of your payment becomes nonrefundable. If you or we are able to find a traveler to fill your space we'll refund 100% of your payment.
- If Audubon does not have the minumum number of travelers necessary for this trip, the trip will have to be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of your payment.
We recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance in case you need to cancel. Here are links for providers we recommend:

Payment method

- We accept payment in cash (pesos) or check form.
- If using an American or Canadian bank account make your check/checks payable to: Rodrigo Lopez
- Each traveler must turn in a signed Trip Form
      Instructions for Trip Form:
    - Download this link: Trip form
    - Fill it out
    - Print it and sign it.
- Put your check, Trip Form, your phone number, and email address inside the envelope.
All cash payments must be delivered to Colleen Besman personally
Tel. 415 152 3644
- Seal the envelope and address it to:
Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian
PMB # 214-B
- Deliver the envelope to: La Conexion on Aldama #3

- If you are mailing your payment from Canda, US or other country outside of Mexico, mail it to:

Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian
PMB # 214-B
220 N. Zapata Hwy. # 11
Laredo, TX 78043-4464

Your envelope will be delivered by La Conexión; a prívate mailing service to San Miguel. This mail service is very secure and efficient. Once we have received your envelope, we will email you a confirmation.

- Please remember to update your membership, or become a member of Audubon. Our new annual fees are:
$USD 35 for single membership or $MXN 400
$USD 60 for family membership or $MXN 700
Please pay for memberships separately from our trip fees.

Thank you!
Useful information    
     Items to bring

Bring an official ID such as your current Passport and/or INAPAM ID if you have one

Bring own bottled Water



Hat, sunscreen andsunglasses

Day pack, kleenex and small change for bathroom stops

Light-weight walking/hiking shoes

Hiking sticks (Helpful at El Rosario Biosphere Reserve)

Weather will be generally cool, however nights and early mornings in the mountains of Michoacan can be chilly (30s to 40s ° F). It is advisable to pack a jacket or warm sweater. A rain jacket is recommended too

Bathing suit (optional)

A supply of zip-lock plastic storage bags can be very handy for storing food items from the breakfast, to be used as mid-morning snacks


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Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies Tour

The trip to see the Monarch butterflies was a fabulous experience. Our guide Rodrigo was so well organized, informative, and attentive to everyone's needs. I would be honored to go on another journey with him in charge. Alison Sabul
It was perfect, down to the last detail. Rodrigo's kindness was contagious, and the group was compatible. Thank you!!!
Marianne Koerner
Trip Leaders    
     Rodrigo Lopez Valdes    Colleen Besman

Travelian Ecotours Owner / Provider
Phone: +52 (415) 152 1662
Cell: +52 (415) 100-2798

Audubon Trip Coordinator
Phone: +52 (415) 152-3644
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